Digital Garden

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A digital garden, like its natural namesake, is something that is lovingly cultivated (often in public). You plant seeds of thought, repeatedly tend to them over time, and watch how they grow and interact with the world around them.

It's a different way of thinking about how we communicate and share information online. Instead of being a dumping ground for strictly "finished" work, it is a place where you accumulate personal knowledge in an open, exploratory space.

Unlike a stereotypical blog, it isn't simply a reverse chronological list of posts fixed in time, but an ever-growing field of interconnected, self-contained yet context-dependent ideas.

Like in a Zettelkasten, inter-note links are huge, so as you make more connections you are constantly building and rebuilding a web of knowledge that becomes stronger and more inclusive with each update.

A digital garden is highly exploratory for both gardener and guest. So while you may have an idea of what to expect by what you put in, you can never be certain what fruits it will bear until you see how your ideas have crossbred together.