Green Notes

Tags: #Term #DigitalGarden #Organization #🪴Sapling
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Green notes are atomic notes focused on single concepts that function as fundamental building blocks of knowledge. They are made to evolve and accumulate over time, combining together in new and unique ways, boosting creativity and productivity.

They are my version of two other similar ideas:

They are especially attuned to the metaphor of a Digital Garden, as you can see from the terminology below.

Note Levels

🌱 Seedling

  • Very basic placeholder note. Mostly just structural (to enable links).
  • Possibly lots hidden in %%internal comments%% (i.e., stuff only visible to me in my notetaking app).

🌿 Budding

  • Brain dump ("BS notes") note. Comes after RS notes, where I start to brainstorm the ideas in my own words.
  • Likely has a lot of %%commented out sections%%.

🪴 Sapling

  • Starting to really stand on its own, with emerging structure and coherence.
  • Most commented-out sections are being refined into my own words in either this or other related notes.

🌲 Evergreen

  • Very refined and reviewed notes that are self-contained, atomic, and fully-integrated into my PKM system.
  • Also in a form easily accessible to the outside world (the farther down this list you go, the more true this is).