What This Site Is

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As I describe here, this site is built off of my note-taking app, Obsidian.

As such, it isn't a traditional blog where each entry is attached to a specific date and time, with its front page listing recent posts chronologically.

Instead, it's a Digital Garden, where a field of interconnected notes build upon and around each other, creating an environment where I can learn in public (especially key with my focus on Living an Imperfect Life as a Perfectionist).

It functions much like a wiki, where you follow links between notes to find related concepts. Though as both a digital garden and a (modified) Zettelkasten, there is much less top-down structure and more sideways discoverability, empowering both reader and writer to make connections that might otherwise go undiscovered.

As such, all of these notes will be in varying states of completeness, ranging from bare ideas to heavily researched and curated topics (and everything in-between)

In truth, everything here is incomplete... (as is everything in life).

In fact, that's kinda the whole point of this site!